About Roaming Ground Studio

Roaming Ground Studio is a game development studio composed primarily of Peter Kachtik, but also a couple computers, a chair, and miscellaneous office equipment.  It evolved out of the aforementioned Peter's interest in art, animation, programming, story-telling, and...yes...video games. 

The studio's first game, UnSummoning: the Spectral Horde, was initially released in April, 2014.  After being accepted through Greenlight, it was released on Steam in December, 2015.

In addition to game development, Peter Kachtik also does work in illustration, Flash animation, 3D modeling and animation (Blender & 3DS Max), Unity development, web design, UI design, and occasional tonsillectomies (full disclosure, he's never actually done a tonsillectomy).

If you wish to contact Roaming Ground Studio, or its human representative, you can reach him/me/it via:

Email: peter@roamingground.com
Twitter: @RoamingGround

And, as always, to those who have bothered to read this far, may your days be filled with happiness and your larders with summer squash.


Peter Kachtik