[Note from the future (4/6/14): Wow!  Boy was I wrong!  I just found this post when updating my blog, and was surprised to see how much I underestimated the state of the game at the time.  Never underestimate the time and cost of level design, boys and girls.  (Also the time and cost of crippling bouts of burn-out and self-doubt.)]

After months of work, my video game, "UnSummoning the Spectral Horde", is finally nearing completion.  In preparation for that happy event, I am going to try to start posting more regular updates, artwork, screenshots, and so forth.  

First off, what sort of game is it?  UnSummoning (as its friends call it) is an arena shooter with an action puzzle element.  You play the role of a nefarious necromancer who has unleashed the hordes of darkness upon the world so that they might wreak havok upon your enemies.  Unfortunately, the only thing they want to wreak havok upon is...you.  Now you must undo what you have done, banishing (or "unsummoning") the ghouls back to whence they came by gathering the power of magic sygils and blasting that power right back into their wicked, little, ghoul faces.


Character Designs:

You may note from those screenshots that the character designs have changed drastically since my last update.  For those who are interested in the character design process, I will post another update soon where I will go into more detail about the evolution of the designs over the course of development, but for now, here are some close ups of the new models: