Final Demo Reel

For nearly the last 5 years, my day job has been animating characters in Flash for the website (now  At the end of last month, however, I was laid off as part of a company-wide downsizing.  It was a good ride and I feel lucky to have  had the opportunity to have worked there as long as I did.  

So, now it's on to new and exciting things (which, hopefully, will not include living on the street and selling my organs for money).  I will be finishing my game, UnSummoning, soon, picking up freelance jobs, and generally seeing what new adventures life has in store for me.

I've put together a final demo reel of animations I made for Spill over the last few years.  It includes some new stuff, some old stuff, and...well...I guess new and old stuff pretty much covers it.  Take a look: