Old Animation Test, circa 2006

I recently came across this again, while organizing files on my computer.  This was the first Flash animation project I ever worked on, back in 2006.  

At the time, I had been interested in animation for a while, but knew almost nothing about it.  So, over Thanksgiving weekend '06, I downloaded the 30-day trial of Flash 8 and set to work teaching myself.  I knew that I would learn more if I had a specific goal to strive for (rather than just fiddling around with the program for a couple weeks), so I set out to make a trailer for a web series concept I had.  For the next three to four weeks, I spent every spare minute working on it.  I would often get home from work in the evening and work until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. 

The next spring, I started taking classes in Flash, then moved on to character animation classes, and eventually started working full time as an animator.  Along the way, the original series idea fell by the wayside.  

Looking back on it now, I'm still quite proud of it, despite the crudeness of the animation.  Perhaps some day I will return to this setting and flesh it out with a real story.  Or perhaps it will remain as an isolated slice of time: a snapshot of my brain at that time and in that place.