UnSummoning is on Steam!!!

Finally, UnSummoning: the Spectral Horde goes has gone live on Steam!  It includes a fancy, new update, the details of which can be seen below.  It's been a long, slow road, but I feel like this is finally the definitive version of the game.  

For those who have bought the game on other platforms, your Steam keys should be available now, and the updated, DRM-free versions of the game will be rolling out to Humble, Desura, and IndieGameStand over the next week or so.

Version 1.5 change list:

  • Added Xbox 360 controller support (you can now use twin sticks for the twin stick shooter!) 
  • Added 4 new enemies 
  • Added new power ups (and modified an existing one) 
    - Health is now represented as hearts
    - Added Shield power up, which provides temporary Invincibility
    - Added Defense Orbs power up, which damages nearby enemies 
  • Completely redesigned the UI 
  • Added ghoul counter to HUD, to show the number of remaining enemies in the current arena. 
  • Rebalanced gameplay based on feedback and play testing: 
    - Everyone moves faster
    - Basic enemies are easier (3 health) 
    - Some other enemies are harder
    - Adjusted spawn rate of both Story & Arcade mode arenas 
  • Modified Radial Blast attack. It can now be used at any time but is color-based and draws on your staff's magic charge 
  • Modified Arcade Mode options. You can now select 3 levels of difficulty, plus choose any combination of 1-4 enemy colors. 
  • Modified scoring algorithm to (hopefully) make it more consistent, and to encourage playing harder difficulty levels 
  • Added various visual flourishes, including lots more foliage to many arenas. So much foliage... 
  • Added Steam Achievements