Did you know Unity can do real-time ambient occlusion?  Are you as excited about that as I am?  You should be.

Anyway, my new game experiment continues a pace.  Ideas have developed and been discarded, exobiologists have given way to their more terrestrial counterparts, and the spaceship has been replaced with a forest.  Why not?

Til next time, enjoy the low-poly goodness of these landscapes:

Fractal Painting

Tonight I decided to learn to make fractals. You know, kind of as a palette cleanser after a tough project. Started out simple enough, followed a nice tutorial. Code was written. Cubes were made. Then things started to loosen up a bit. Cubes began to stretch and bend. Twists were formed. Kinks were created. Finally, inhibitions were thrown to the wind, Photoshop was opened, layers were blended and mingled, textures were thrown about with reckless abandon! When the dust settled, there was this:

The Wreck of the Opaline Star

The Wreck of the Opaline Star is a game I made for the recent, 2-week, space-cowboy game jam over at  It's the short (5-10 min) story of an emergency maintenance bots efforts to save a space train from crashing into a gas giant.  I handled the game design, art, programming, and...voice acting, while musician Jeff McMillen handled the sound track.  

You can play the game in your browser.  Just follow the widget below to the page:

Also Indie Game Stand...

UnSummoning is now also available on Indie Game Stand.  I hadn't heard of Indie Game Stand before someone suggested I submit it there, but I gotta say I really dig it.  Of the game portals I've dealt with thus far (Desura, Steam Greenlight, Humble Store), I like IGS's layout and interface the best.  Definitely worth checking out.  Also, they have my game, so they're even definitelier worth checking out.